Hacking at Barton End is an exceptional experience, giving you an opportunity to enjoy some of the most breath taking, and unspoilt scenery of the Cotswolds. Barton End is situated in the countryside with direct access to a wide variety of terrains. Open fields, streams, woods, bridle paths and off road tracks…. This can be a great way to build confidence and put in to practise some of the skills that you have learnt in the school, in a totally relaxed environment. 

Our hacks are escorted by qualified staff and can be tailored to the capability and size of the group. If you ride alone there are hacks you can join or we can offer one on one tuition hack to really boost your confidence! 

We are keen to ensure that you get the most from your ride and your mount, whilst remaining safe. To do this we need to be aware of your previous experience and level of riding, enabling us to match you successfully. If you are at all unsure, feel free to take up a 30 minute assessment session which will enable us to meet your capabilites. 

Keep your eye on our website as in the summer and at certain points in the year, we like to put on different hacks that incorporate Evenings, Easter Egg Hunt, Pub Trips, Picnics and the favourite, Pimms & Strawberries ! Alternatively if it’s your special occasion, we can arrange this for a private party. We also offer Early Bird Hacks, so if you fancy riding as the sun rises and view the amazing wildlife book now! 

Whether you are looking to get out for 30 minutes, all day, or a trip to the pub to unwind, you won’t be disappointed with what we have to offer for all the family!